Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has petitioned the United States Supreme Court to take litigation against Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, asserting there are voting irregularities in every single country that still need evaluation.

The Supreme Court has rejected another petition to block certification from Pennsylvania’s election outcomes that CNN legal specialist Steve Vladeck stated is a sign the court might rather not become involved with election-related disputes.

The submitting from Texas comprises numerous bogus claims of voter fraud, the majority of which have been touted by President Donald Trump and his own allies. Following is a look at a number of these claims.

Ballot stinks
The filing cites witness claims of”mysterious late-night loopholes of tens of tens of thousands of ballots in tabulation centers” as an illustration of the alleged”rampant lawlessness” present during the election procedure.

Facts First: There is nothing inherently questionable or mysterious about huge batches of votes being reported at night or perhaps after Election Day.

Votes from mail-in ballots were reported in the future Election Day and later since they could not be counted beforehand in several states, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. And in a number of the suits the short referenced, judges decided the witness affidavits asserting that they watched literal late-night loopholes of ballots were baseless and not proof of fraud.

Poll watchers
Based on this filing, the video reveals”poll watchers being obstructed by penetrating vote-counting facilities –even though even using a court order to input.”

Facts First: there’s not any evidence supporting claims that poll watchers were closed from this procedure. There have been several cases where researchers didn’t know the principles but for the large part, enrolled poll watchers are permitted at polling places.

A lot of the Trump effort’s past attacks on poll watchers are concentrated on swing states including Pennsylvania. The lawsuit may be referring to an episode in Philadelphia where a watcher that was enrolled for another zone and the distinct ward was originally prohibited to a polling place, as a result of confusion within town rules. In this circumstance, the lawsuit’s claim could be misleading since the poll watcher was finally allowed access.

Suitcases of all ballots
The submitting claims there’s a video of”suitcases filled with ballots being pulled out from under tables following poll watchers were advised to depart.”

Truth: The short is most likely referring to viral movie footage of a ballot starting location in Fulton County, Georgia. Following a report on the footage, county and state officials determined that the events in the movie were part of their standard procedure, fraud. Although observers were not present in the time recorded from the movie, there was no statement made telling them to depart, by Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron. And the items pulled from beneath the desk have been ballot bins, not suitcases, according to election officials.

Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems execution director for the Georgia secretary of state’s office announced in a tweet early Friday morning that say researchers concluded the video showed”normal ballot processing”.

“Nothing we’ve learned from the individual track or our analysis has indicated any improper ballots were scanned,” the secretary of state’s office told CNN in a declaration.
Asked at a December 4 Fulton County Board of Elections meeting why the bin had been below the cloth-covered table, giving the impression of something to conceal, Barron responded.

“The President’s staff is blatantly misleading the general public about what occurred in the State Farm Arena on election night,” Sterling tweeted Friday afternoon.

Facts First: ” There wasn’t any technical glitch. This was human error and also the issue has been fixed and never influenced the vote total, by state election officials.

As per a statement from Michigan’s State Department, an error happened during the unofficial vote tabulation if a county clerk failed to upgrade voting system applications, which induced votes not to correctly combine” if the clerk reported results”.

“The program didn’t cause a misallocation of votes; it had been a consequence of consumer human mistake,” the announcement says.

The State Department also wrote that when the mistake wasn’t immediately adjusted, there are different steps in place to examine and check the favorable results, such as via a hierarchical set of canvassers.

Mail-in ballots
Beneath a section titled”Truth,” the short claims”Absentee and mail-in votes would be the principal opportunities for criminal ballots to be cast” and indicate the growth of mail-in voting in the election played a part in generating”a huge chance for fraud”.

The insinuation — which mail-in ballots are rife with fraud — is among the chief themes touched upon during the litigation.

Facts First: Election specialists have told CNN again and that mail-in ballots are a secure kind of voting rather than subject to widespread fraud. There haven’t been any reports from state election officials of both celebrations of widespread voter fraud in mail-in ballots.

On November 12, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued an announcement calling this year’s election”the most protected in American history”.

On November 17, Trump fired Chris Krebs, the manager of this CISA, who always debunked claims of widespread voter fraud after the election. In his conversation announcing Krebs’ elimination, Trump falsely claimed Krebs left”highly inaccurate” claims concerning the security of the 2020 election.

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