Before this week, we reality checked a number of the attack advertisements in the race between Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democratic competition, the Rev. Raphael Warnock. Now let us turn to another major race.

Republican Sen. David Perdue and his allies are constituting Democratic rival Jon Ossoff as a radical left-winger. Ossoff and his allies are moving after Perdue due to their stock transactions along with his remarks about the coronavirus pandemic.

Following is a fact check breakdown of a few of the claims in advertisements that have conducted in November and December.

Ossoff as well as the Green New Deal
An advertisement from the National Republican Senatorial Committee states”Jon Ossoff praises AOC’s revolutionary Green New Deal.” Another advertisement from precisely the exact same firm employs similar language, stating”Ossoff praised radical socialist AOC’s Green New Deal.”

Facts First: This can be misleading. Ossoff has been clear that he’s opposed to this Green New Deal, a sweeping innovative resolution that’s concentrated on the environment. Back in September 2019, Ossoff praised a particular facet of the proposal, stating he agrees with the fact that it joins environmental coverage with infrastructure coverage. However, he offered much more criticism.
The Green New Deal resolution extends past conventional environmentalist priorities, wrap in thoughts like”supplying all individuals of the united states of America with.

But do I feel that the important path to combating climate change demands the abolition of their private health insurance industry? No, I don’t. And I will debate that day while recognizing the worth and honoring the governmental participation of people who perhaps see it a bit differently.”
So there’s a compliment in the marketplace. However, the ad attempts to make the belief which Ossoff is usually favorable toward the Green New Deal. He’s not.

Democrats, Ossoff, and health care
A Perdue advertisement warns of dire consequences if Democrats win the Georgia runoffs (which will give them command of a 50-50 Senate throughout the vice president tie-breaking vote). Among other matters, Perdue says this outcome would lead to”your personal health insurance removed.”

Facts FirstWe can not definitively fact check what’s going to occur later on, but Perdue’s claim doesn’t match the true schedule of President-elect Joe Biden. Biden has become a vocal opponent of the”Medicare for All” single-payer health care proposals that would prohibit most personal insurance and transfer people to a government insurance program. Biden has instead proposed a”public choice,” where individuals may voluntarily enroll in a government program but may also decide to maintain their personal insurance.

Ossoff additionally supports a public choice and opposes”Medicare for All” programs.
It is possible that, as time passes, a favorite public choice would influence personal insurers’ willingness to offer you some strategies. An anti-Ossoff advertisement in the Republican-aligned super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, makes an accusation that alludes to the legitimate concern — stating that an Ossoff triumph could imply Democratic leaders may pass”a radical government-run health care scheme, jeopardizing access to personal insurance and the physician of your decision.”

This claim is problematic, but it’s more nuanced than Perdue’s own claim.

Democrats, Ossoff, and policing
The Perdue advertisement states that Democrats winning Georgia would lead to”authorities defunded.”

Facts First: This claim, also, doesn’t fit exactly the President-elect’s schedule. Biden has stated over and over he opposes the notion of authorities defunding. (Also, it is worth noting that local authorities, not the federal authorities, are responsible for the huge majority of authorities funding ) Ossoff has also opposed authorities defunding. Like Biden, he’s instead called for policing reforms.

Perdue’s remarks on the pandemic
An Ossoff ad accuses Perdue of echoing President Donald Trump is downplaying the pandemic catastrophe since the death toll spiked.

The advertisement matches Trump’s quotes regarding the pandemic with comparable Perdue quotes. Since the sound of these quotations plays, an animated picture shows the number of deaths climbing quickly.

By way of instance, the advertisement plays the sound of Trump stating, “The threat to the people remains very low” It plays the sound of Perdue stating, “The chance of the virus remains low.

Truth: The advertisement’s simultaneous usage of these quotations and the passing counter is misleading: the amount of deaths shown from the counter doesn’t come close to fitting the actual number in the time Trump and Perdue uttered the quotations. Additionally, a number of the quotation snippets leave out significant context.

As mentioned, Perdue made his remark about the way the virus threat”stays low” in an interview on March 11. At the moment, there were fewer than 50 reported coronavirus deaths in America, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics — not exactly the 10,000 to 80,000 the passing counter demonstrates as that quotation is heard.

The advertisement doesn’t explicitly associate the time of their quotations to the time of these deaths, but it might indicate to audiences which Perdue made this comment calling the virus low-risk even after tens of thousands of Americans had expired.

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