Treaty Coordinator: Fran Prince

A member of the K’omoks First Nation, Fran was raised by her grandparents the late Chief Andy Frank and Margaret Frank. Fran’s Mom (Dolly) has ancestry with the Namgis and Kwakiulth Nation and her Dad (Raymond Prince) has ancestry from the Nak’azdli First Nation (Fort St. James).

Fran is an Elder (young!!) and was taught by her grandmother to "know where she comes from." Her Gran was a high ranking member of the Kwakiulth Nation. Her father’s side is high ranking from relations from Chief Kwah, a former noble Nak’azdli Chief.

Fran enjoys going to potlatches and feasts and travels the potlatch trail with her younger sister Fernanda. Fran learns more of her rich culture from respected "Old People." Fran was fortunate to travel with her grandparents and listen to Elders speaking.

Fran started working at the age of 15 and has worked with an Aviation Firm; Autoport; Employment Insurance; while working in Ottawa she worked at the Govenor General’s Residence; Corrections; a Ministry of Human Resources, Office Manger; Legal Information Counsellor at Old Massett, Band Social Development Worker (WeWaiKai); The First Nations Chief’s Health Committee and presently is the Education Coordinator and Treaty Coordinator for our Nation.

A Chief once said "Too many people have died in a rich land" and she believes this is so, and hopes to make a difference, so more of our people become rich in our land.

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