Chief Negotiator: Mark Stevenson

Mark L’Hirondelle Stevenson is a Métis lawyer whose family comes from the historic Métis community of Lac Ste Anne in northern Alberta.

Mark has an extensive background in Treaty negotiations, Constitutional negotiations, and Aboriginal law.

Mark worked with the Privy Council in Ottawa for five years on Aboriginal constitutional matters, subsequently worked as Legal Counsel for the Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat and then with the Government of British Columbia as a Chief Treaty Negotiator.

Mark is now working with a number of First Nations, as legal counsel and Chief Negotiator under the British Columbia Treaty Process. In addition, Mark works for First Nations and Métis organizations in matters related to Conflict Management, Constitutional Development, Governance, Natural Resource Law and Economic Development.

Mark has instructed courses on Aboriginal Law and Dispute Resolution in the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria and has published extensively on Aboriginal rights issues.

Mark has a Masters in Law from the University of British Columbia, an undergraduate degree in law from McGill University and a Masters Degree in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India.

Mark recently served as president of the Indigenous Bar Association and as a Commissioner with the Law Commission of Canada. Mark currently practices law and lives in Victoria.

Mark L. Stevenson Law Corp.
659 Stewart Mountain Rd. Victoria, BC VNB 6J8
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