Chief Councillor: Nicole Rempel

Chief Nicole Rempel is a K’omoks First Nation member and resides on reserve with her husband Jeremy, and her two children, Jonathan and Jennifer. Nicole was elected January 4th 2017 to serve a two year term on K’omoks Council. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the area of Lands and Resources and Communications, and more importantly- a passion for her nation’s membership and history.

Prior to being elected, Nicole worked in the development of the KFN Land Code and the development of the Lands Department after a successful ratification vote. In that time, she attended and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association for certification as a First Nations Lands Manager, recognized across Canada. Nicole has worked on, and is passionate about language initiatives with KFN and Tla-amin to revitalize the K’omoks language, and continues to research her nation’s rich history and advocate for the repatriation of K’omoks artifacts, as well as coordinating and participating in Tribal Journeys.

Nicole holds the Administration, Lands, and Elder & Youth portfolios on KFN Council. Nicole brings her work experience and passion for the lands, environment, culture, elders and youth of K’omoks to these portfolios and looks forward to her role on Council to build a better future for our youth, and more opportunities for today. In addition, she sits on the board of Nanwakolas and Atlegay, as well participating in water strategies initiatives and the CVRD. Nicole also sits on both the K’omoks First Nation Lands and Finance Committees as a non-voting member. 

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